Sunday Mid-Morning Session

6 courts are available from 10:30am-12:30pm.
All players are welcome, please turn up on the day.

For more information contact: Simon on 0428 372 982.
With effect from 01 Jul 15 the costs are a maximum of $14 per session for non-NTBA members and $8 for NTBA members. Costs will be reviewed periodically.

The `Convenor’ is Simon, 0428 372 982 – please confirm with him the day prior.

All booking convenors are to ensure that they  record all players details in accordance with the  NTBA Session Attendance Record 

Please note that the Christmas and New Year Festive season is upon us. The last session is programmed for 20th December. The 27th  December will be closed because we all probably have other things to be doing. Please check us out and `like us’ at our Facebook presence because you may find notifications about other sessions there that will be of interest.