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The NTBA Inc supports the NT Sports Voucher Scheme and encourages its use for eligible players in our sport.


There are 6 courts available at 21 Albatross St, Winnellie during school hours (except for Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.00-11.00am) for those schools wishing to conduct sporting programs.

Please contact us on email: or mobile: 0468744278

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Sporting Schools

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The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has launched the new Sporting Schools website , as part of an initiative to help strengthen the connection between schools and sport so that all Australian children can get active and experience the joy of sport.

Sporting Schools is all about fostering a lifelong interest in sport among Australian children.

The NTBA Inc has joined with Badminton Australia to register as a provider under this scheme and can assist schools to engage their students in our sport. Take this link to find out more.


We are also able to deliver the BWF Shuttle-Time programme using School and the Sporting Schools funding.  We currently have two Shuttle Time Presenters (Bowen Viravong and Gloria Richards) and two Shuttle Time Teachers (Arlene D’souza and Winnie Wei Eng Lee) able to deliver this great programme when mutually convenient times are available. We expect to grow our team of Teachers  and deliver these opportunities in schools or host them at our venue. More about Shuttle-Time at this link.

From 2015, Sporting Schools will become Australia’s largest participation program for all children to foster a lifelong interest in sport. It will also fund sporting activities in more than 5,700 schools and provide access to a range of trained community coaches.

Its key purpose is to encourage more children to do more sport-based activities, and empower schools to help them do that. Central to schools achieving that outcome is the expert, enthusiastic involvement of sporting organisations, clubs and coaches.

Sporting Schools is committed to helping sport, schools and communities work closer than ever before to grow sport activity in primary schools.