Governance & Policies

For the Annual General Meeting on Monday 14th August, the President’s Report is here for inspection.

The most recent AGM of the NTBA was held on the evening of Monday 19th September 2016 and the President’s report is at this link.  This was based upon and updated from a separate report to Badminton Australia as part of their annual reporting requirement,

The previous AGM was held on the evening of 07 Oct 2015 and the 2014/15President’s Report is attached at this link. This report (in the main) was submitted separately to Badminton Australia as part of the annual reporting process.

The links below will provide you with relevant policy information.
Such policies exist to help us all have fun and play safely. Rest assured that our Association Board are investigating new ways of growing and improving our sports governance.


NTBA Constitution 20 December 2006

Domestic Violence Action Plan of December 2016-19

At the Board meeting on 04 December 2016 it was unanimously agreed to adopt the NTBA Domestic Violence action Plan. This plan was adapted for use from material provided by the `No More’ campaign and brings the NTBA and affiliated playing Clubs and Groups into line with that initiative.

NTBA Inc Member Protection Policy V1 3

Please note that:

  • Part A addresses NTBA Inc Core Member Protection Policy
  • Part B addresses Child Protection Requirements
  • Part C addresses Complaint and Investigation Procedures
  • Part D addresses Role Specific Codes of Behaviour, and
  • Part E addresses Reporting Documents/Forms

Our current Member Protection Information Officers are:

Rodney Pearce, 041 084 7618,, and

Cedric Francis, 040 9534 244,

N.T. Badminton Association Inc Grievance Policy

Sportscover PA Claim Form

Smoke Free Environment Policy

N.T. Badminton Association Inc Safe Transport Policy

N.T. Badminton Association Inc Alcohol Management Policy

N.T. Badminton Association Inc Volunteer Policy – 2014

N.T. Badminton Association Inc Volunteer Registration Form

NTBA Expense Claim Form

Badminton Australia Awards and Insurance

Anti-doping (per Badminton Australia)

Risk management policy (per BA RMP)

NTBA Financial Delegations

Social media guidelines (per Badminton Australia)

Hot Weather Policy (Draft 01 August 2017)

Team selection (per Badminton Australia)

Venue Management Protocol – Draft – pending publication

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) “Beat the Heat” Fact Sheet