NT DSR Sport and Active Recreation Master Plan – Call for YOUR Input!!!

The Northern Territory Government is working on a Sport and Active Recreation Master Plan that will be a road map for the future of sport and active recreation in the Territory. This project was officially launched on 8 Oct 15 and the timeline for public comment is very well described in the link. Time is short. There are `pop up’ stalls starting this weekend in various public areas and markets. There are focus groups being formed in most regional centres on specific dates. There are `on-line’ options too.
It is critical that all of the players of badminton get their story, capability now and future together with playing requirements lodged now. This is Territory wide not just about Darwin based activity. With your input the project has the potential to provide significant impact on our ability to provide our healthy, fun and active sport beyond 2017. Without your valuable input and interest it is unlikely that much can change. Please give the Government and the NTBA Inc the chance to take our requirements and build a business case for funding to support our growth in the Territory.
We include more detailed background information from the DSR Project Officer per an email of 25 Sep
Good evening all.
I am pleased to advise that work will begin next month on the Sport and
Active Recreation Master Plan.
The Department of Sport and Recreation has appointed two consulting
companies to develop different stages of the master plan:
*         The community engagement stage of the master plan was awarded to
PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC)/PwC Indigenous Consulting (PIC), which has
vast experience with community engagement activities. We want to ensure
Territorians have the opportunity to voice their opinion and views about
the future of sport and active recreation in the NT. Community engagement
will be guided by activities that will focus on direct consultation with –
but not limited to – parents, volunteers, officials, coaches, sport clubs,
culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) groups, people with a
disability, seniors, remote communities, council authorities, recreation
organisations, community organisations and the general public who may not
play or participate in sport and active recreation.
*         The sector engagement and facility audit stages of the master
plan were awarded to Strategic Leisure Group, which has strong experience
nationally undertaking similar projects in the sport and recreation sector
and with the development of master plans. All Northern Territory peak
bodies and relevant national sport organisations will be consulted to
develop an understanding of the strategic intent of sport from a Territory
and national level. Active recreation organisations, municipal and
regional shire councils will also be part of the consultation process. The
aim will be to analyse current capacity of the sector with emphasis on
identifying broad trends, barriers, opportunities and inefficiencies that
may impact the future direction for sport and recreation in the Territory.
The aim of the facility audit is to firstly confirm the current level of
sport and active recreation facility provision in the Northern Territory
through the development of a facility register. Secondly, information
collected from the sector and community engagement activities will
identify gaps in facility provision and will confirm facility development
proposals currently being considered by key stakeholder groups.
Your organisation is a valued key stakeholder within the sector engagement
stage of the master plan and Strategic Leisure Group will be contacting
you in the near future to hear your thoughts on the future of Sport and
Active Recreation in the NT. If you would like to speak with Strategic
Leisure Group directly, please contact Martin Lambert on phone 0418 151
Dates are currently being finalised for community engagement activities
and will be released on the DSR website,
in early October. PwC/PIC will be delivering a combination of engagement
activities including focus groups, face-to-face consultation, market
stalls and online surveys. If your organisation has an event coming up in
October and/or November that you would like a Master Plan stall at, please
location, date and name of the contact person and we will endeavour to get
our consultants there. We want to hear from as many people as we can!
General and community engagement enquiries can be directed to
1800 824 899.
Feedback from your organisation will be beneficial to the development of
the master plan and any involvement will be very much appreciated. We look
forward to working with you on the Sport and Active Recreation Master Plan
Kind regards
Benita Bittner
Project Coordinator
Department of Sport and Recreation
Northern Territory Government