2019 NT Open Championships

All players must be registered with an association affiliated to NTBA, BA, BO or BWF.

Play will be held Friday 19th (Masters LS & Masters LD only), Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st July 2019

Graded Juniors will be held Term 3 during scheduled Juniors sessions (Monday & Wednesday 5.30 – 7.00pm) Dates to be advised.

Venue:                          NT Badminton Centre, Winnellie, Northern Territory

How to Enter:           Online entry via Tournament Software

OR                                  Entry Form downloaded from website.

How to Create an account:  player login creation (details added soon)

Entry fees:                 Must be paid before entry will be accepted.

                                      Account BSB 015-901 AC 4134-54764

Reference “NTO” suffixed with surname.

Events Offered:       Open, A, B, Masters, U19

Competitions Dates:

Friday 19th July          Masters LD

Saturday 20th July       All events except MLD

Sunday 21st July         All events except MLD

Entries close:           Monday 15th July 2019

Entry Fees:                Open                                          Singles $30, Doubles $20

A, B, Masters & U19               Singles $20, Doubles $15

Membership form:     for non members or members whose membership has expired






Conditions of Entry

All players submitting entries for the tournament will be deemed to have read and accepted the conditions under which the tournament events are to be conducted. Competitors play at their own risk.

  1. The tournament will be conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton, General Competition Regulations & Player Code of Conduct as adopted by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). Local rules may also apply.
  2. The Referee shall have the entire control and management of the tournament and will adjudicate on all matters relating to these conditions.
  3. The Tournament committee reserves the right to reject or re-grade any entry and may cancel an event if insufficient entries are received.
  4. Players who enter doubles as ‘partner required’ must update their online entry prior to the closing date of entries if they have arranged a partner for the event. When the tournament entries close the tournament organiser will assign any available players to those who are without partners. The decision of the tournament organiser will be final.
  5. Player member ID: Players should first use their BWF number should they have one, followed by their BA number. If you don’t know or have misplaced your number, check the tournament software player database or the current list of financial members provided to the club/session conveners. If you can’t find your information, email admin@ntbadminton.org.au with a request for assistance.
  6. Entries close midnight, 15th July 2019 unless advertised earlier.
  7. Entry Lists and Order of Play will be published after the close of entries via tournament software.
  8. Seeding will be done based on the Badminton Australia National Ranking System points as of the 15th July 2019
  9. Play will commence at 9:00am on all days, unless otherwise notified. Check in is at 8:30am. Players must report to event control upon arrival.

Non-attendance or withdrawal, for any reason (injury, illness etc) must be reported to the match desk asap.

  1. Enquiries regarding starting times of matches are the responsibility of entrants. The timetable for the event will also be placed on the tournament website and in the venue. The Referee has the power to disqualify any player not available to play when called to do so. Any alterations made to the competition schedule due to unforeseen circumstances will be announced by the Referee. The schedule may alter depending on the number of entries received.
  2. Players will be required to umpire matches when called to do so.
  3. A, B & Masters events will be round robins – 1 game to 30, no setting, Open & U19 events will be knockout, best of 3 games to 21 points, with setting to 30 points. Rally point scoring will be used for all events. For round robins with two groups of players, the top in each group will go through to the final.  If in/sufficient entries are received, events can be moved to a round robin or knock out event as appropriate.
  4. All players must wear racquet sport attire. Non-marking shoes must be worn.
  5. Any exemptions should be requested at time of entry. Exemptions will be assessed on number of events entered & time of exemption. Exemptions granted will be notified by email.