Darwin Court Hire

About the Venue

The 1000 sq metre venue at Albatross Street comprises: six courts; rear access parking; an exercise area; a meeting room; male and female toilets; a unisex shower; a water cooler and a drinks fridge.

The NT Badminton Centre is an unmanned facility with an electronic access system.  Bookings must be made in advance (preferably at least 3 days prior to requested booking time slot) to allow confirmation of court availability, payment receipt, shuttle & racquet hire availability (if required) & access to venue confirmation.

While we make all efforts to accommodate bookings, we apologise if these requirements mean your request cannot be met.

Member Court Bookings

Single court hire rate of $15/hr may apply if ALL PLAYERS ARE BadmintonNT MEMBERS.

Private Court Hire

To make a booking:

  1. Please look at The Team Up Calendar for available times, (or call us on 0468 744 278 or email admin@ntbadminton.org.au).
  2. Download the Private court hire booking form which provides you with more details on requirements and payment options.
  3. Please print and complete this form then email a copy to admin@ntbadminton.org.au  AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE BOOKING.

Rates (from 1 March 2016) are:

$20/hr for one court

$40/hr for two courts

$60/hr for three courts

$80/hr for four courts

$90/hr for five courts or

$100/hr for six courts

PLUS (if required):

Shuttles @$2.50 each.

Racquet Hire $2.50 each

For non-members, these fees cover public liability but NOT personal injury insurance.

Venue Hire

Hire entire venue by calling us on 0468 744 278 or email admin@ntbadminton.org.au.

Costs and times are negotiable.