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2020 NT Badminton Association AGM

Each year the bad­minton com­mu­ni­ty has a chance to work togeth­er as a team to make bad­minton in the NT a sport that will Live and Prosper”.

With the COVID pan­dem­ic cre­at­ing a new nor­mal”, it is time to elect the next group of peo­ple who dare to dream about the future of bad­minton in the NT and how it can be achieved.

There will be 2 ways to attend the AGM this year 

1. at the Venue in Win­nel­lie or 

2. via a Zoom link from your home or with your play­ing group. (Please advise sec­re­tary if you want to join the zoom meeting).

To join the com­mit­tee, email the sec­re­tary — admin@​ntbadminton.​org.​au for a nom­i­na­tion form and return to the sec­re­tary before 8th Novem­ber 2020.

Pres­i­dent — Feel pos­i­tive about the future, ideas to share with oth­ers that will ele­vate bad­minton high­er in the sports are­na, strong fair lead­er­ship skills and be a good lis­ten­er. You do not need to be a rock­et sci­en­tist; just love badminton.

Vice Pres­i­dent - same as above as you are the right hand’ sup­port to the President

Sec­re­tary – if you are good at organ­is­ing, minute tak­ing, keep­ing things on track then this is the job for you

Trea­sur­er — If you are not scared of num­bers, have expe­ri­ence with book-keep­ing, account­ing soft­ware and bal­anc­ing mon­ey in gen­er­al then you would be the per­fect per­son to take on this position.

Gen­er­al Com­mit­tee – If you’re will­ing to help when­ev­er and wher­ev­er you can, can take on a spe­cif­ic task, lead a work­ing group to fin­ish the task, share ideas and be pos­i­tive about the future, have a pas­sion for or have a child who wants to play bad­minton, step up now.

NOTE: Know­ing how to play bad­minton is not a require­ment to be on the com­mit­tee. Train­ing on spe­cif­ic roles will be pro­vid­ed if you are elect­ed – we all start some­where. All com­mit­tee mem­bers must have/​will be required to have/​obtain a work­ing with chil­dren card and Play By the Rules Cer­tifi­cates of Child Pro­tec­tion, Harass­ment and Dis­crim­i­na­tion with­in the month after elec­tion to the committee.

Com­mit­tee nom­i­na­tion NTBA Proxy Vote


Mem­bers want­i­ng to put a motion for­ward at the AGM need to email the motion, signed by a sec­ond mem­ber, to the sec­re­tary at admin@​ntbadminton.​org.​au before 8th November.


The 2019/2020 Finan­cial report is now avail­able for any mem­ber who would like a copy. Please email admin@​ntbadminton.​org.​au includ­ing your name and your Mem­ber ID num­ber and a copy will be emailed to you.