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Sport Integri­ty Aus­tralia Poli­cies — The NT Bad­minton Asso­ci­a­tion adopts the Bad­minton Aus­tralia Integri­ty Frame­work and Poli­cies that meet the require­ments of Sport Integri­ty Aus­tralia and the Nation­al Sports Tri­bunal. For more infor­ma­tion see the Integri­ty page on the Bad­minton Aus­tralia website.The Nation­al Integri­ty Frame­work takes a proac­tive approach to mit­i­gate integri­ty threats to sports and pro­vide a safe, fair and healthy envi­ron­ment for par­tic­i­pants at all lev­els of sport. Poli­cies include Anti-dop­ing, Match Fix­ing, Safe­guard­ing, and Sports Wager­ing. Mem­ber Pro­tec­tion is now under the juris­tic­tion of Sport Integri­ty Australia.

Mem­ber Pro­tec­tion Officers

  • Sam Senaratne: 0423 001 632 — samindas@​gmail.​com
  • Fiona Dun­bar-Smith: 0468 336 513 — fiona.​mpio@​gmail.​com

Bad­minton Aus­tralia Poli­cies - The Bad­minton Aus­tralia Integri­ty Frame­work and Poli­cies meet the require­ments of Sport Integri­ty Aus­tralia and the Nation­al Sports Tri­bunal. Poli­cies include Mem­ber Pro­tec­tion, Child Safe­guard­ing, Com­pe­ti­tion Manip­u­la­tion and Sport Wager­ing, Improp­er Use of Drugs and Med­i­cine, Com­plaints, Dis­putes and Dis­ci­pline, Anti-dop­ing, World Anti-dop­ing Pro­hib­it­ed List, Pri­va­cy, Risk Man­age­ment, Vac­ci­na­tion, Whistle-blower.

Cur­rent NTBA Poli­cies as required by the NT Government.

Alco­hol Man­age­ment Pol­i­cy – 24/07/2019

Domes­tic Vio­lence Pol­i­cy – 24/07/2019

Expense Reim­burse­ment Pol­i­cy — March 2021

*** Expense/​Payment Claim Form ***

Finan­cial Del­e­ga­tions August 2020

Griev­ance Pol­i­cy – NTBA 24/07/2019

Hot Weath­er Pol­i­cy Bad­minton NT

( Beat the Heat” Fact Sheet )

Insur­ance Policy

Insur­ance — Pol­i­cy Wording

Insur­ance — Schedule

Risk man­age­ment Pol­i­cy — NTBA — 28/8//2021

Safe Trans­port Pol­i­cy – NTBA24/07/2019

Smoke Free Envi­ron­ment Pol­i­cy – 24÷07÷201

Social Media Pol­i­cy — 12/06/2020

Sports Med­i­cine Con­cus­sion Pol­i­cy 2018

Team Selec­tion Pol­i­cy — NTBA — 28/08/2021

Vol­un­teer Pol­i­cy – NTBA – July 2019